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5000 year timeline of how we learn

Enjoy this brief history of learning theories through the ages...

[13 mins]

Instructional Design

Quality Instructional Design (ID), focuses on the individual rather than on mere content. The sequence of required pre-planning thought is the same regardless of whether designing for face-to-face classroom settings, online distance education courses, or blended hybrid approach.

Here are ten questions to ask...

Disruptive Innovators

Historically, education was carried out by way of apprenticeships in order to pass on trade skills to subsequent generations. Value was placed on learning what "was" and what had "always been." Speculations about what "might" be were considered dangerous and those who wasted time accordingly (Columbus, Galileo, and the like) were labeled pejoratively, "innovators."  Curious to know more?

Blurred Boundaries

There is a new generation of technology natives that do not view technology as "other." This new generation sees technology as an extension of human identity; hence, the label "Cyborg" is applied, indicating a kind of hybrid of human and technology.